Monday, September 9, 2013

We're getting it!

I forget that every year, I must teach every mundane, minute, and minuscule procedure that occurs in my classroom.

Today, I felt like we were getting it!

We did two, count 'em, two math activities about circles today.

We celebrated our first name today.

Here are some of my little buggers working on making a portrait of our friend whose name we celebrated!

Don't forget you can grab my name celebration FREEBIE by clicking the picture below...

We even worked with the nursery rhyme, "Mary Wore Her Red Dress."  We won't even comment on how one lil guy bawled because he had to write his name three times to put his name into his own nursery rhyme. 

It's hard to be in kindergarten.  

But, we're getting it.  We're building our school stamina, and we'll be back at it tomorrow.  

I hope you and your students are getting it too!  Happy Monday and enjoy your week!  

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Five for Friday on Saturday {Or, I have been asleep at 9:30 PM all week!}

And, I took a two hour nap today.  Granted, I did do some work at my NEW old house. 
(I'm moving from my current house to one I've lived in previously.)

This room, which used to be a "closet room," is now going to be just a room!
If I can move my arms and hands tomorrow from all the screw removal, I will be lucky! 

Oh, and I have a new love at school.  

I am 100% enamoured with my document camera.  I now have no idea how I (and my students) survived without it.

Boom!  I have been buying Tim Horton's coffee for $1 all week!  

Extra large of course... I teach kindergarten!

I have a new FREEBIE in my store to help my kiddos learn their names and their friends' names.

Click HERE to grab it!

And, I have to share ah-mazing post from Ms. Christi Fultz from...

Ms. Fultz's corner

She shared a heartwarming, honest, true, and perfect look at what many of us are feeling in the teaching profession.  Head on over to HERE to check out the post.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend and taking some time for yourself!   
(I know I am... watching this week's Jimmy Fallon episodes and laughing my rear off!)
Have a great Saturday! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

CURRENTLY September {linky party!}

It's unofficially over, folks.  Summer is coming to an end.  Where did it go?

Where are all my days of sleeping in, blogging, and watching Maury?  Where are my afternoons filled with late lunches and naps?

Now, my days are full of corralling kindergartners and trying to get them to raise their hand before calling out an answer.  (No, raising the hand AND yelling out do not count.)

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about all the possibilities a new school year holds, I just can't believe how quickly summer flew by this year.

So, here I am, linking up with  Farley for her monthly CURRENTLY!  Bring on September!

Listening:  As much as I'm not ready for summer to be over, I AM ready for summer weather to be over.  The heat and humidity have been atrocious, and we do not have A/C at our school.  Wilty kindergartners are no fun!

Loving:  Hubs is on his way home!  He went to visit a buddy over the long weekend, and as much as I enjoyed taking up the entire garage and bed... I'm ready to have my mister back!

Thinking: My coffee and I are crying.  How in the heck did I buy fat free half & half?  Also, how is that even possible?  The fat is the best part of half & half!

Wanting: I think lesson planning is going to involve blog stalking and Pinterest to get back in my groove again!

Needing: Hubs is a clean freak.  I am not.  Time to get the house in tip-top shape before he gets home.

Things I want to accomplish in September: 1.  Yoga always makes me feel better.  Why do I even have to set this goal?  Maybe my new bright yellow yoga mat will help me!  2.  I love to cook, but I hate to do it during the school year.  I need to get back to planning and prepping meals ahead of time.  3. I try and do this every year.  I last a few weeks, and then I'm frantically planning the Sunday before.  Argh!

So, what are you up to as this school year and month get under way?  Go check out what all of the rest of your bloggy buddies are up to and/or link up yourself!