Monday, September 9, 2013

We're getting it!

I forget that every year, I must teach every mundane, minute, and minuscule procedure that occurs in my classroom.

Today, I felt like we were getting it!

We did two, count 'em, two math activities about circles today.

We celebrated our first name today.

Here are some of my little buggers working on making a portrait of our friend whose name we celebrated!

Don't forget you can grab my name celebration FREEBIE by clicking the picture below...

We even worked with the nursery rhyme, "Mary Wore Her Red Dress."  We won't even comment on how one lil guy bawled because he had to write his name three times to put his name into his own nursery rhyme. 

It's hard to be in kindergarten.  

But, we're getting it.  We're building our school stamina, and we'll be back at it tomorrow.  

I hope you and your students are getting it too!  Happy Monday and enjoy your week!  

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