Saturday, October 12, 2013


That is all you've been getting from me for the past month.
Bad blogger! 

The funny thing is, I have an iPhone full of pics just dying to be shared with you, as well as quick & dirty freebie as well.  So, lets get to it... no more crickets!

My kinder kiddos are exceptional this year!  As a first time kindergarten inclusion teacher, I am loving the progress ALL my students are making and how we've become our own little family.

Here we are a few weeks ago exploring letters.  We worked on recognizing similarities and differences between letters, as well as seeing if we could find any letters in our names.

Such a simple activitiy, which showed me tons about what my students know (or don't know) about letters!

I have also started back in my groove of using yoga in the classroom!  Last year, I sort of took a hiatus, and this year... well, it's a necessity.  I can tell when my kinder kiddos need 15 minutes of yoga to get all the wiggles out and center themselves for learning.

I found a FABULOUS YouTube channel called.... Cosmic Kids Yoga!
My class adores the storytelling and yoga positions we try.  It's a fabulous brain break, and well worth the 10-15 minutes to get them back on track again.  I imagine I'll be using this a lot in the winter when we can't head outdoors for recess.  Check out one of the videos below...

We've just finished talking about positional words and shapes in math!  
Grab this shape sorting FREEBIE I created by clicking the picture below!

We're moving on to numeracy with numbers 0-5 next...
I can't believe math has become one of my favorite things to teach! 

So, how are you?  Are there crickets where you are?  I hope your first month or so of school is off and running, and you're having a great start.  

I'll see you sooner rather than later next time... because we need less crickets!

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