Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Wacky Last Day of School!

We made it!  Hooray!
At times, I didn't think we would make to the end of the year in one piece.

It was what we call a "challenging" year. 

To manage the chaos of the last day of school, we kindergarten teachers had a trick up our sleeves. It's called Wacky Olympics!  Now, let me be honest, Wacky Olympics has changed in the past 10 years that we've all taught together.  

Before I explain how it has changed let me lay out the general idea...
  • Each kindergarten classroom teacher has an assigned activity/game/station.  Examples include: Bubbles, Hoops & Scoops, Playground, Legos, Snack/Restroom, Puzzles, Blocks, etc.
  • Each class visits every classroom during the allotted rotation time.  We have an early release on the last day, so our rotations change every 8 minutes, but you could definitely go longer if you have time.
  • Your own class rotates right away, heading to their first station, while you have another class come to your station to start.  You END with your own class.
Does that make any sense?  Basically, every kiddo sees every teacher and gets to participate in fun activities on the last day.  There's no papers or teaching.  It's just a FUN day where everyone gets to enjoy each other before summer break.  

The children L-O-V-E this on the last day! They think it's fun to see all the teachers, all the classrooms, and have a day that's different than every other.  And, isn't that perfect for a last day?

Remember, I said it has changed?  Well, we used to have stations that involved being outside... the playground, etc.

What is the one thing you, as a teacher, want to do during the last week of school? 

Clean and organize the classroom!  

We shifted all of our stations into our classrooms so we could work in our rooms while the kiddos play.  

We still get to spend time with the children, but we also get some of the nuts and bolts of the classroom close down finished! Hooray!  It's the best of both worlds!

How do YOU spend the last day of school?  Is it laid back or busy, busy busy?  

I hope you're enjoying your start to summer vacation or are almost finished so you can relax!  

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