Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Organize it! {and a mini-giveaway}

I just busted out my school computer for the first time in three weeks.
Seriously, there are files everywhere!
No wonder I couldn't find electronic versions of recording sheets and centers during the school year!

I need a better way... especially since I have multiple cloud drives for home and school.  They're getting intermingled and I can't find what I need when I need it.

How do you organize monthly/seasonal/holiday files?
By month?  By holiday?  By season?  By all of the above?

Check out my current Google drive hot mess...
And that's just PART of it.  Add another Google drive folder for personal things, plus a Dropbox, and I'm losing my mind!  I'm trying to put files in folders by theme or month to help when I'm searching for things.  Any suggestions as I try to organize 12 years worth of teaching resources this summer?

Speaking of suggestions... my father-in-law gave me these fab containers from his protein shakes! But, what to do with them in the classroom?  

Leave your suggestions in the comments, along with your e-mail address, and I will choose one person at random to choose any one product from my TpT store

I'll close the suggestions tomorrow, June 18th around noon, so start thinking.  I need your help, and you can get a freebie for your time!

So, are you still relaxing from the busyness of the school year or are you starting to think about getting ready for 2015-2016?  Either way, I hope summer is treating you well!

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