Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Teachers, step away from the Dollar Spot! {YOU are enough!)

No, I'm not kidding.

Step away from the Dollar Spot immediately.

And while you're at it, step away from the dollar store, the office supply store, and the teacher store.

Maybe it's because I'm trying to manage a one income household so my husband can be the best stay-at-home dad I know.  Maybe it's because, last year, the things I would buy or make for my students were dramatically under appreciated.  Or, maybe it's because I'm tired...  Tired of spending money on things that aren't necessary for a student to have the best kindergarten year ever.

I have been reading a multitude of blog posts about ways to be thrifty in the classroom.  And, while I'm all for being thrifty and getting the best bang for my buck, I just can't get excited about the deals like I used to.

And amongst my lackluster sale spirit, I'm reminded...

I.  Am.  Enough.

  • My twelve years of teaching experience, full of successes, failures, and challenges makes me enough.
  • The fact that I learn from each and every class I've had makes me enough.  
  • The initiative I take to keep up on best practices makes me enough.
  • The love & dedication I have for my students makes me enough.
  • All the reasons I went into the teaching profession and continue to come back to it year after year makes me enough.

And... it makes YOU enough too.

So, I challenge you to use what supplies you already have in your classroom.  Or, if you're new to teaching, buy only what's absolutely necessary.

Your classroom is an extension of you, your home, and your finances.  Treat it with the respect and thoughtfulness you do your own household expenses.

And, use the number one resource you already have... YOU!


  1. Love your post. I think we've all been there with spending too much of our own money. I spend less now than I did in earlier years because (1) I already have some of the stuff (2) I can't really afford it and (3) many of my kids don't value it (break, steal, etc.). That being said, I still want to give them the best possible experience in my classroom - I'm just trying to find less costly ways to do so.

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    1. Thanks! I've been spending less money over the past few years too. I feel like I need to put myself on a freeze though... seeing what I already have in my classroom and making do with what's there. We'll see how that goes! :)

  2. I love the honesty! Social media sometimes gets me in the spend, spend, spend mode trying to "keep up" with others when really I have all I need (and more!) to get my students where they need to go!
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  3. I agree. I just finished my 22nd year and I spend a small fortune every year (I almost don't want to ask my husband when he's doing taxes each year how much I spent). I have kind of decided to take the stance that I will buy that which will make MY life easier (save time) and then get by with what I absolutely need to have. Let's hope I can stick with it!

    1. Love it! If it makes your life easier, it's worth it! Time is worth so much more to money than me at times! :)

  4. I don't think it helped any of us that the curriculum has changed so dramatically in the past few years. As great as it is to get new resources, we teachers are known hoarders. LOL! I'm purging and keeping ONLY what I've used several years in a row. If I haven't looked at it, it's gone... this includes paper and digital files. I forget I have stuff and then go buy, buy, buy! I'm hoping this helps me in the TpT department.